Hanthana - a unique bio diversity area in Sri Lanka

The Hanthana Mountain Range lies in the central part of the island, south-west of the city of Kandy, and consists of seven mountainous peaks. The drive is about four to five hours at a decent time of day but there’s plenty to see even as you come into the range of the upcountry. Hanthana was declared an environmentally protected area in February of 2010, under the National Environmental Act, and has somehow continued to remain a serene and picturesque little town.

Rising above the landscape in all its majestic beauty, the Hanthana Mountain Range is a treat for those who love the great outdoors. Known for being one of the most popular hiking tracks on the Island, especially with the younger generation where the country’s leading Government university use the trails for their annual hiking expeditions, the Hanthana hiking trails is sure to be on any hiking enthusiast’s bucket list!

Hanthana’s hiking trails are immensely popular as the trails are very accessible to all manners of hikers, whether it’s the veteran thrill seekers who enjoy climbing it peaks, or the novice hikers who simply love to causally take in the surroundings. 

This range can be found near the hill capital, Kandy, in central Sri Lanka. It features seven peaks and there are several routes to take; 

  • 4th Mile Post at Kandy-Uduwela (Hanthana road). Walk or take the local bus from Jungle Tide.
  • Heerassagala – Amaya Hills. Bus then walk from Jungle Tide
  • Peradeniya University – Upper Hanthana Lodge. Bus, tuk-tuk or van from Jungle Tide
  • Via the new waymarked Tea Country Trail which starts at the Ceylon Tea Museum and goes via Galaha to Loolecondera. You can get to the Tea Museum by bus or tuk-tuk.

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